Headaches and migraines explained

Depending on severity, they can be a most unpleasant regularly re-occuring nightmare and the causes are plentiful.

Dehydration headache:

As the name says, there isn’t enough water in the brain cavity and that simply hurts.

What to do:

  • Drink tea, water is the best and any fizzy, sugary, soft or alcoholic beverage counts negative.
  • Take a Vitamin B complex with a small amount of light food, follow it by one or more oranges or any other citrus fruit and naturally: drink! Lack of Vitamins in the B group commonly occurs during prolonged or fast weight loss. Sublingual B12 can be particularly beneficial.
  • Eat something salty. Systemic low salinity is the cause for most of the (dehydration) headache if one has a hangover but it can occur without such overindulgance just as well. The remainder of the discomfort from a hangover is due to poisoning. Alcohol and other drugs, legal, over the counter, prescription, as well as illegal drugs have a tendency to cause headaches linked to toxidity &or desalination, which is directly linked to dehydration.

Brain fog, mild headaches:

Can be caused by a too low systemic oxygen level. Oxygen and mineral rich water like from a sparkling mountain brook could do wonders but that is hardly ever at hand. Clinical trials showed that plenty of oxygenated water can even prevent a hangover.

A temporary quick fix is naturally to breathe on purpose deeper for a little while, but that doesn’t last. Watch out, don’t get dizzy. But if you see change you know where you are at.

Cooked foods and stagnant water has much less oxygen. Eating Fresh live foods (raw foods) and high quality water such as rain water or other sources of oxygenated water can help.

Too low systemic oxygen levels are linked to:

  • frequent brain fog or mild headaches that cannot be explained in
    any other way
  • below normal performance,such as fatigue, circulatory problems, irritability, muscle aches & pains as well as a list of chronic/long term diseases

Oxygen is our primary source of energy. It displaces harmful free radicals, neutralizes environmental toxins and destroys anaerobic (the inability to live in oxygen rich environments) infectious bacteria, parasites, microbes and viruses.

It is the main energy source for our brain function. It calms the mind and stabilizes the nervous system. Without oxygen we cannot absorb important vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients our body needs. When our cells lack oxygen they weaken and die. Without oxygen, nothing works very well or at all..

More indicators of possible low oxygen levels in the body are muscle aches; forgetfulness; heart palpitations; circulation or digestive problems; damaged cell growth; excessive amounts of colds and infections.

Tension Headaches

Tense muscles in neck and shoulders are obvious culprits but muscles along the shin or along the big toe are more likely to be involed. Work or habit related influences are common to cause postural misalignment, which, once firmly established over many years will cause whole groups of muscles to lock up and feel like tight ropes with knots in them.

Myofascial Pain & Dysfunction can feel like just another headache. This can be part of a positive feedback loop involving chronic inflammation, which results in fibrosis or thickening of the connective tissue. This thickening causes pain and irritation, resulting in reflexive muscle tension causing more inflammation. This escalation can result in ischemia and somatic dysfunction even in the absence of the original offending issues. Myofascial techniques aim to break this cycle through a variety of methods acting on multiple stages of the cycle.

Muscles locked into nearly permanent tension can have been caused by trauma &or shock. Tensioning musculs in the wake of a trauma, physical or mental, is a normal bodily reaction to provide protection for a time. But quite frequently the body forgets to switch that of.

What can be done:

Poisoning headaches:

These are the most difficult to deal with! Chemistry is involved and as long as you are exposed to a chemical primary cause the problem won’t go away. It can be literally anything and to make things worse, most of the above cannot be used for differential diagnosis. In the process of elimination one has to be sure that one is dealing with the original cause and not a symptom. Dehydration, low oxygen or any tension can be the precursor to nauseating headaches caused or linked to nearly any chemical compound. Any smell you remember in connection with a traumatic event can cause a whole group of muscles to tension up. If that happens often and long enough the tension can become chronic and cause you a lot of headaches over time.

The plethora of chemicals we are exposed to due to modern life is surely what we think of first, but any headache can be caused by insufficient nutrition, overindulgence in foods that are harmless to most but not to you, because of an underlying condition or are linked to an old habit that hasn’t been kicked yet.

What can be done:

Naturopathy and Nutrition – can diagnose and address underlying nutritional and environmental causes of headaches and assist you back to your optimal health.

Musculoskeletal Therapy– muscles in the head and neck can send pain patterns like a migraine. With the correct underpinning knowledge of these patterns, the Musculoskeletal Therapist can offer an effective long term solution to tension related migraine.

Neural Organisation Technique –  migraines previously unresolved by other therapies may have underlying neurological causes. Neural Organisation Technique is a Kinesiology based manual therapy which addresses the neurological patterns causing the problem to exist.

Contact us on Facebook or (07) 5561 8545 to book an appointment so we can battle those migraines for good!

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