Hi Mal,

I just wanted to send you a genuine ‘thank you’.

After seeing quite a few massage therapists, physio’s, chiro’s and osteo’s on the Gold Coast over the last couple of years I was still struggling with lower back pain. The pain was affecting me day to day and I hadn’t been able to get any relief.

After your massage last night I was practically pain free for the first time in a long time – and I woke up this morning without the usual pain that causes me to hobble around for the first hour.  I’m not fully fixed just yet – but have had a pain free day and for the first time feel on the right road.

I appreciate you taking the time to work on me and I will be recommending you to family and friends!

All the best,

Shauna Larkin
Pacific Pines

Hi Mal

Thanks so much for the massage you gave me the other night, wow, how refreshing to find a massage therapist who really knows what they are doing with deep tissue massage.

You have really relieved my neck pain and I could tell that you have had a lot of experience with deep tissue massage and it is clear that you have a great sense of touch for trouble spots! 

It was so nice to finally get a proper neck massage and thanks for going the extra mile …

Thanks again

See you again soon

Rachel Hughes 


My problems seemed to have developed after a long plane flight across the pacific sitting in a seat with cold air from the air conditioning above my head blowing down on me.
After that experience I was diagnosed as suffering from Polymyalgia Rheumatica, a syndrome characterized bysevere pain and stiffness in the muscles of the neck, shoulder girdles, lower back, hips and thighs as a result of blood vessels becoming inflammed.

I sought advice from the medical profession, as a result, I found myself taking a variety of drugs that eased the pain, but did not address the problem, I had physiotherapy and acupuncture treatment to no avail.

At this time I was advised to take fish oil capsules, but still no relief, until by chance I found the rooms of Oxenford Mind and Body. 

After having only a few sesssions of Deep Tissue Massage and given a series of exercises to strengthen the muscles I immediately felt a relief and it has never stopped improving. 

I visit her rooms only every five weeks and with her good advice and massage I have now recovered and intend to stay that way with regular treatment at Oxenford Mind and Body.

Signed a very very satisfied patient.


I recently had a severe car accident and had major pain in my neck to the point where I couldn’t turn my neck right or left. Bending my neck down was also very painful.

I went to see Mal at Oxenford Mind & Body. She recommended a Deep Tissue massage and said that I would need some ongoing treatment due to the severity of my injury. She advised me that it may be minor whiplash which is a recurring injury.

At the end of the massage I had free movement and no pain at all that night. Mal advised me that I would be tender for at least a day afterwards. When I woke up the next day, I was tender where she had worked my muscles, but still had freer movement. Three days later I had total movement and had no pain left.

With the amount of pain I was in before seeing Mal I did not expect to feel such relief within 4 days.

Even though I wasn’t in any pain, I have since been back to Oxenford Mind and Body to see Rose, at Mal’s recommendation. Rose specialises in muscular/skeletal therapy (among other things) and she gave me anotherdeep tissue massage to loosen me up before realigning my spine. Again, I was tender for a couple of days afterward before enjoying no pain and free movement. This time though I feel comfortable knowing that I don’t have a sprain but merely an irritation of the facets.

Having only been to relaxation massages in my life, I was very surprised to discover that massage can actually play an intrinsic part in the healing of injury. I was going to get a referral from a doctor to seek physiotherapy, which meant two appointments and two pay outs, until I was recommended to Oxenford Mind and Body by a friend. I’m glad that I heeded their recommendation!

I am very pleased with the treatment that I received from both therapists and the way that I could receive differing treatments from the one clinic without referral from a doctor. Oxenford Mind and Body are very professional and I highly recommend them to anyone regardless of the therapy or relaxation being sought.

Yours sincerely,



Lawrie Hold – Facebook reviews


Gordon Latta – Neural Organisation Technique

My name is Susan H. and I have been a patient of Gordon Latta for a number of years now. I first heard about Kinesiology from a friend when I was at the end of my tether due to a severe migraine which had hung on for three days. I had taken aspirin, Pandeine forte, Maxalon and even had an injection of Pethidine from my local G.P. but nothing would shift my migraine.
I went to Gordon and within half an hour of being there my migraine was gone. Before seeing Gordon I had spent a lot of time in hospital for one thing or another (Back and Neck Pain, Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chronic Asthma, Claustrophobia, Anxiety Attacks, T.M.J. Dysfunction) and since seeing Gordon I have not been in hospital for quite some time. For the first six months I saw Gordon on a regular basis but now I only need to see him once every three or four months or when I feel I need to.
I have had a number of things wrong with me and after spending thousands of dollars on visits to doctors and specialists, I now only need to see Gordon. I no longer get colds and flu every other month, my backache and headaches are gone, my bowels are spot on, my liver is functioning properly as are my kidneys. My whole family has seen Gordon Latta over a period of time and they are also fighting fit.
Mrs. Susan H.


Our son at the age of 14 suffered from chronic migraines, as a result he would suffer:
* Blurred vision 
* Tingling in his hands and up his arms 
This required that he had a lot of time away from school. The only relief was to lie down in a dark room for a long time until the headaches had diminished which would be up to twenty four hours after the first symptoms occurred. 
This had a detrimental effect on his character and reduced him to tears with the pain and in fact he was suffering up to six migraines a week. 
We had taken him to a doctor who prescribed painkilling drugs with little or no effect as the migraines continued. One conclusion from the doctor was that his diet was causing his migraines.
A family member recommended that we take him to Gordon Latta. After the first visit we noticed a reduction in the number of migraines. We also noticed a change in his mannerism and behaviour. After three visits his migraines had completely gone and he has not suffered any migraines since the first visit to Gordon eighteen months ago.
We have never been more impressed with the treatment of a practitioner than that from Gordon Latta and we have no hesitation recommending his treatment. 

Mr. and Mrs. M. 

My name is Lenny J. and I am a self employed computer trainer in Bundall on the Cold Coast.

I sought Gordon’s services 2 years ago when I was suffering from severe back pain whilst on holiday. This back pain was the result of a number of factors some of which could be a trampoline accident I suffered when I was younger or playing Rugby League and Union.

The pain caused me to walk bent over. It was almost impossible for me to stand upright. My wife and I had a six month old baby and it was impossible for me to pick him up due to the pain, Dr. ~~ (a leading back surgeon) who was highly recommended, a specialist in his field, suggested that surgery was my only solution for any form of recovery.

After my wife had been recommended to Gordon Latta, I made an appointment and after two visits I was experiencing very little pain. I kept going to Gordon for a couple of months and have had no pain in the back region whatsoever.

We thank God for Gordon as I was in quite a state at the time having to rely on pain medication.

I highly recommend Gordon to anyone in need of healing.

Yours truly,
Mr. Lenny J.

When I went to see Gordon Latta, I had been in severe pain with my neck out and as a result, suffering severe headaches and migraines.
I have been a migraine sufferer for 20 years and was on a very strong preventative medication called ‘Deseril’ for the previous 10 years. I was suffering this severe kind of pain for 6 weeks continuously just before I was directed to Gordon. 
I saw Gordon once a week for about 2 months. Because of the severity of my injuries it did take a little longer than expected but I did see some improvements after a few visits. After about another month I was able to stop my prescription medication as well as all the Panadiene I had been taking in great amounts on a daily basis. I am still off my migraine medication and have not had a severe migraine or neck pain since. If I get a headache from over exerting myself, it is nowhere as bad as it used to be. 
So I have to say that getting treatment from Gordon has been a big breakthrough in my health problems.
I have not had to return to see Gordon for 12 months now.
I have recommended him to my friends and would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone with a health problem.

Thank you Gordon
Judith P.

Testimonial of T.G.
Age 29 In relation to her Health and treatment as a result of an accident.

T has given permission for a summary of her condition in the hope it may help other people.
T sustained whiplash injuries and injuries to the top of her cervical spine. She was admitted to Gold Coast Hospital where she had X-rays and scans of her neck and head area.
Following her release she was suffering headaches and sore neck and underwent a series of physiotherapy treatments.
She showed no improvement and was fitted with a neck brace which she wore for several months. There was some slight improvement, however, during this time she showed signs of loss of balance, hearing loss in the left ear and blurred vision particularly in the left eye.
She had an incident of unconsciousness and collapsed 14 March and again in Oct. She became steadily worse regarding headaches, pain in the neck and head areas and loss of balance and vision on in the left eye.
Two G.Ps identified muscle spasms in the neck and left side of her head.
In March she suffered a severe seizure and was admitted to hospital. No diagnosis was made before she discharged. During the next 3 months her weight dropped by 4 stone and she had recurring seizures (grand mal variety)increasing in frequency and severity up to 4 per day and 2 at night.
After having 2 brain scans and an MRI she was then referred to a neurologist, it was then discovered after she had an EEG that there was electrical activity all over her brain.
He could not diagnose the cause of the seizures or electrical activity and although he didn’t think it was epilepsy he put her on a drug called Epilum. This did nothing for the seizures and dropped her white blood cells count.
By this time in June she was so weak and debilitated she could not get out of bed without assistance and had to be taken to the Drs. in a wheelchair.
She could not keep her food down, she either vomited or had diarrhoea and by the end of June she could not eat at all as her jaw had locked. She was in agony with intense pain in her head which nothing could ease. The doctors had her on Valium, Termoza and Doloxene in massive quantities. In July she suffered a series of seizures of “Grand mal” variety and totally lost her sight after being admitted to hospital and having further scans no one could diagnose the cause.
Someone suggested it was all in the mind even though they had EEG’s showing massive electrical activity, VER;s showing pressure on the optic nerve and chiasmic and a brain scan showing pressure at the top of the cervical spine.
Two weeks after she went blind she had another violent seizure and her sight slowly started to improve.
At this time her brother asked me to take her to a Mr., Gordon Latta to see if he could help her. Both her husband and I were desperate as she was just fading away in agony.
T’s first visit to Gordon Latta was in August. We give permission for him to release all details to anyone who practices this treatment or requires it. Since the first visit in August (she has only had four visits to Mr. Latta) the last one in late September.
After her second visit T had to check with her neurologist, he could not believe her miracle recovery. 
He took an EEG and discovered the electrical activity was down by 75%. Her sight was recovering and she walked into his surgery (previously was wheeled in). he said she looked 100% better, T admitted she had been having alternate therapy, her specialist said, quote, “Go on having it, whatever the therapist is doing is obviously right and he is able to do what orthodox medicine and myself cannot do, keep going to him”. Her Doctor………….. is held in the highest regard as a neurologist in………….Hospital.
She visited him again in October and he said he was stunned by her improvement the first time and even more so now, he has started to wean her off all drugs but his main advise was to continue her treatment with Mr. Gordon Latta.
Considering she has only had 4 visits her recovery is nothing short of a miracle. We have had her out to dinner at night twice and she is (in her own words) starting to get her life back again. She will be returning to Mr. Latta to complete her treatment as soon as he returns from his holiday.
We have photographs taken of her in a wheelchair on her children’s birthday in June as proof of her condition and a photo taken in Sept after her treatment with Mr.Latta. You have to look hard to make sure it is the same person.
We will never be able to thank Mr. Latta enough for T’s recovery and she wants anyone to contact her at anytime for confirmation.

She may be contacted through Mr. Gordon Latta. 
Signed by J…..(mother)
on behalf of T…. 

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