Remedial Therapy

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The term ‘remedial massage’ is often used to cover a broad range of massage styles which can include deep tissue massagemyofascial release, sports massage and pregnancy massage to name a few.

At our Gold Coast clinic, we have created specific styles for specific purposes. Our remedial massage treatments provide a gentle yet firm pressure with a flowing style being applied, somewhat like you would receive in a relaxation massage, but with more depth and focus on problem areas. This is quite different to the slower and much deeper techniques of a Deep Tissue Massage Treatment.

Your therapist will use gentle trigger point release techniques and gentle cross fibre friction (friction across the tendon and other tight tissue) to relieve specific painful spots. Your therapist has an understanding of a variety of conditions and the influencing factors associated with pain patterns.

Remedial Massage is used to provide therapeutic outcomes such as:

  • improve circulation
  • relaxation
  • reduce painful trigger points
  • treat specific conditions such as headaches
  • provide overall relief from pain and dysfunction

Remedial Massage suits clients such as:

  • those new to massage
  • elderly cliental
  • those with a minimal pain threshold
  • those who are experiencing other psychological conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, fibromyalgia
  • young children and teenagers
  • those in which the pain pattern is less than severe or or chronic
  • those that require a relaxing treatment yet firm and with therapeutic outcome

Remedial Massage works through a number of combining factors which are applied through out the treatment such as:

  • relieving trigger points which have known referral patterns causing pain and discomfort
  • this therapy covers a larger amount of muscle groups therefore reducing long term pain patterns
  • allowing relaxation through activation of the sympathetic nervous system
  • increasing circulation therefore improving the health of all components of soft tissue
  • a regular remedial treatment plan (usually once per 3 weeks) can reduce the onset of poor posture and therefore reducing dysfunction and decreasing future degeneration of the spine and other joint surfaces

When to upgrade to deep tissue

After a few remedial treatments, tissue becomes healthier and therefore less sensitive to massage. It is then beneficial to access deeper structures and tissue contributing to pain and dysfunction.

  • is beneficial to use intermittently with remedial therapy to eliminate specific problems
  • those with very dense tissue, such as sportspeople with larger muscle mass
  • those that like a much deeper treatment
  • if the therapies advises a deep tissue treatment would be far more beneficial to your condition or pain pattern
  • if a sports massage is required > deep tissue is applied but with more speed and less specificity (please advise if you wish to have a sports massage and you have no particular pain or dysfunction)

When to upgrade to musculoskeletal therapy (a degree based qualification)

  • when advised by your therapist
  • when through remedial or deep tissue treatment no change is being made, or benefits have become stagnant
  • for severe and chronic conditions
  • with any neural symptoms, such as pins and needles in the hands, feet, arms, chest etc
  • long term lower back pain
  • if advised by a doctor to seek manual therapy
  • if your require an advanced treatment
  • long term headaches and migraines
  • knee pain/syndromes
  • tendinosis syndromes such as tennis and golfers elbow, achilles tendinitis

Remedial massage is available from our peaceful holistic wellbeing clinic in Fortune Place just off the highway in Coomera on the northern Gold Coast. We are easily accessed just off the M1 and within 5km of Pacific Pines, Helensvale and Oxenford.