Private/Group Coaching – What’s in my Food/Shampoo?

Watch this space! This is just a quick space saver to advertise of a new service coming soon…..

Malgosia is about to launch one on one and group coaching to help you make sense of what’s on the label of the foods and products you buy.

It is Malgosia’s vision for people to be informed about what it is exactly they are putting in and on their bodies so they can be empowered to to make healthier choices for their bodies.

There are often many toxic ingredients and pseudo foods in the average kitchen as well as bathroom. Malgosia will come to your home and help you identity these ingredients in your pantry, fridge and bathroom vanity and give you suggestions for things you could easily swap them out for. Some of these you can make yourself for just a fraction of the cost of the toxic alternative.

If there are a few of you that want to do it together just pick whose home you want Malgosia to come to and everyone can meet there. The price per person will depend on the number of people that attend and the location. The more people the cheaper it will be!

If this sounds interesting feel free to reach out to Malgosia direct with a text on 0434 346 975 and she can call you back and answer any questions you may have.