Pregnancy Massage

Throughout pregnancy the body continues to undergo several changes that strain the musculoskeletal system anddemand compensatory changes causing ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????discomfort.

Most of this discomfort is due to:

  • hormonal changes
  • changes in weight and the distribution of the weight
  • breast growth
  • loss of joint stability through ligament laxity
  • emotional change and instability
  • change in venous return causes swelling and fluid retention
  • postural change

Pregnancy massage incorporates the knowledge and understanding of the body and an underground understanding about the challenges that pregnancy will provoke on the body.

This style of treatment offers a safe and effective way to relieve pain, especially as pregnancy can mean limited treatment options due to the safety of the unborn baby and many portal pain medications are dangerous.

A continued treatment plan derived by our range of skilled therapists can both relieve pain and make each stage of your pregnancy more comfortable and enjoyable.

Some of the most common pain patterns experienced are: 

  • mid back pain along the bra line
  • neck and shoulder pain
  • lower back pain
  • sciatica
  • pain within the ribcage and pain on inspiration
  • fluid retention and associated leg pain and swelling
  • neural symptoms into the arms and hands
  • gluteal and hip pain

We offer a specialised pregnancy cushion which allow for stomach lying without pressure on the abdomen or breasts, for many, even up to full term!