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Kinesiology uses biofeedback through the nervous system to access information from the unconscious parts of you. In this way we are ‘tapping in’ to your body intelligence, subconscious and spirit and can work across many dimensions, levels and aspects of your being. We allow the body to direct us to find and release any blockages and guide us to information that will help to activate your self-healing and restore balance to your energy systems.

Kinesiology can help with:

  • Resolving negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns
  • Releasing unresolved emotions or trauma
  • Neurological integration
  • Alleviating anxiety and stress
  • Structural and physiological imbalances
  • Recovery from accident, injury, illness
  • Energy system imbalances
  • Life purpose and spiritual path
  • Creating meaning and fulfilment
  • Manifesting your goals in alignment with your highest potential

With this healing modality we are finding and resolving the causal factors of the disharmony you are experiencing, allowing you to release what you no longer need and live in greater alignment with your own personal truth.



These sessions are deeply transformational. Together we access high-vibration healing energy, filling your energy field with light. This pure energy flows into each of the Chakras (the energy centres of the body), dissolving and transforming energetic, emotional and physical blockages and activating your healing at the highest level. I provide insight into the current state of the Chakras, and which areas are in need of focus to continue the healing process, as well as practical guidance on how to work with this in your life.

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Danni is now working from her home based Palm Beach clinic but pops up every now and again to see her Northern Gold Coast clientele. Please call Danni on 0410 629 158 to see when she is next up this way.